Self-Publishing Self-Test: How To Determine If You’re A Good Candidate For Self-Publishing Your Book

“On first glance, self-publishing a book can seem like the best way to get a book into print. And sometimes, it is. But in the publishing industry, it’s always important to look before you leap. And so we’ve devised a series of questions that authors should ask themselves before taking the plunge into self-publishing.

Self-Publishing Your Book: Are You Ready?

Question 1: Do I believe my book is suitable for traditional, advance/royalty-paying publication?

If you’ve studied the market and assessed your competition (as opposed to just having a vague idea about it) and you believe that your book has a chance at finding a home with a traditional publisher, then you may want to hold off on self-publishing. Rule out the traditional route first. Keep reading to learn why.

Question 2: Have I made a good effort to get an agent/book deal?

Some writers will send six query letters to literary agents, then decide they’re hopeless. Others will send a dozen. At Writer’s Relief, we recommend authors try between 75 and 100 markets before reassessing their situation. (More than once, we’ve seen that 99th query letter get results.)

If your book has a chance at making the big leagues, we recommend you try that first, before exploring self-publishing. It can sometimes (but not always) be difficult to transition from self-publishing to traditional publishing.

Question 3: Do I have the right attitude to self-publish?  

If the idea of self-publishing your book is exciting to you, then proceed. You’ll need lots of good energy and motivation to give your self-published book the launch it needs.

If the thought of self-publishing leaves you feeling disappointed, you might want to do some soul-searching before you fork over your funds. Maybe an intense round of revision, networking with people in the biz (at conferences and other events), and an increased focus on craft might be a more joyful way of reaching your publishing goals. Every writer makes his/her own path toward a personal idea of success.

The trick is to follow your heart. If the idea of self-publishing sends a little tingle of optimism up your spine, it’s a good sign you’re heading in the right direction.”

More questions are available in this link:


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