On Authorial “Frauditis”


If you think writer’s block is bad, then you have not heard of “Frauditis”. Whilst humility is ideal, self doubt is counter productive. Read on and deal with Frauditis.

Originally posted on Creative Writing with the Crimson League:


Feeling like a writer fraud…. I think this happens to all of us authors, for various reasons. A big case of frauditis struck me this morning, and it’s all because I needed to look something up in one of my Herezoth novels.

That happens when you’re writing a companion novel. I’m only a chapter or two in, so this is the first time I’ve gone ahead and pulled up the file for one of my older books.


I got to reading a page or two of “The Magic Council,” and I felt like some small changes in wording could make a positive difference. Some reviews of “The Crimson League” mention it’s a little wordy. So now I’m feeling very, very tempted to put this new novel on hold while I fix up the first novels, then hire an editor to do more work.

Yes, I am feeling the effects…

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